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Grandis familiars

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edited December 2023 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Hey, i would like to suggest to add this content. Its a really big issue, for reboot world especially. We really need grandis familiars. Without that, and especially now that 6th job came out, we reboot players that reached level 260, have 2 options. Its either we're hindering our progress by staying in limina to farm fams or leaving the fams to much later game stages. Staying in limina means we get much less exp, we dont get sol fragments for 6th job, and it takes us a lot more time to gain SAC, which already takes a lot of time and dailies to get enough SAC to even start doing grandis bosses.
It would make much more sense to just add grandis fams and just let us farm them as we farm for 6th job and exp, instead of keeping us in lower level maps.

Hope you'll find this thread meaningful and take it into consideration, as many players are really waiting for it
Thank you
  1. Would you like grandis fams to be added to the game??5 votes
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