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Intense power crystal no cap.Just no cap .........

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Can we please have a no limit on selling intense power crystals. There are just way too many things I have to spend mesos on like really way too many. Gear upgrade ( starforce),arcane symbols,upgrade of actual gear.

arcanes even from the start its what ? around 5m maybe to 20m.
cubing depending on lv of gear sometimes 25k sometimes like 800k for arcanes
starforcing past 17 maybe atleast 10m each try even waiting for events still a mesos sink

Ive come and gone from maple a few times. Ive played it for quite awhile now. I used to be at the very top and at the very bottom of it all. My time spent on maple is just to lv and do dailies thats about it. Isn't that a bit sad? i used to enjoy the grind and wandering around to do stuff people wouldn't normally do like alien pq or roam around finding new areas/old areas, content that i rushed thru but came back to play.

Why is there dam near a cap on everything cap on intense power crystals.Cap on elite boss drop.Let me farm let me be.

So many events to lv my legion but whats the point? I lv up 1 character to never play again. Or I lv it up and enjoy it but then im capped at exps because only 1 character can obtain said exps for the day.

Cubing upgrades alone if I buy packs of cubes to cube my arcanes at 11 cubes its like about 8.8m for the whole pack. I can make about 20-22m from crystals from 1 character daily. Thats already half my income of the day how do you expect me to improve. Im not a free to play player yet im just sad that I cant fund everything regardless of my grinds like it used to be. Btw I came back maybe 8 ish months ago and have 1 main and 2 side mains and possibly more.

Don't even try to bring up people using bots to make boss mules. WHY? its not my job to deal with it ,i just play the game but for the love of whoever you gonna love design the game around the people that love the game not the people that want to hurt it.

Remove the caps so I can be a kid again and play 24/7 ( i wont but i may try from time to time LOL)
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