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So I just got back from being totally awesome today and got home settled in and was just reading the way cooler and popular discords I'm in to find out there's someone who was about to become level 300 yesterday. For me to hear this I was like dang that's what up should have been me but shout out to that grinder. So I later found out from my sources that this guy not only stopped himself from becoming the first level 300 but actually is really out here trying to be the voice of the voiceless and protest Nexon. Now here's the thing right, for all those wanting to protest and going against the grain, where were all of you when I was out here putting in that work getting banned back and fourth speaking up and protesting for the community? Where were you when I was the voice of the people, the MLK of maple, Malcolm X, etc, where were you?

Now I read some of the complaints and need to watch the video but I read some complaints some people sent me in. So the first one I heard about was merging all interactive worlds, now if you guys didn't know I made a post about this years ago and some of my other posts were here before I got banned which deleted most of the previous points but yeah I have been on this for years and no one did anything.


Making items tradable like cubes etc was something I had also advocated for but also I had mentioned that we should be able to trade items like the Sengoku badge and other items within our own accounts. If we can't trade with others we should be able to swap items within our own accounts.

Rereleasing FZ would make a lot of sense I feel it is an item that should come back, I wasn't too big on talking about that but hey regular world deserves the best and I'm here for it as the greatest regular server who ever lived.

I can go on and on about what he said but that's not too important rn what's important is that I haven't seen anyone protesting and going hard when I was on the front lines protesting.

MS2 died cause no one wanted to protest and go as hard as I did, also it died cause people prevented me from becoming a moderator on MS2. If I had been able to become one I would have definitely saved that game for sure.

I think if there should of been any request it would be to reinstate Riza and let me handle it, I think that would be the first real part of the change. A changing of the guards is needed and I am one of those people you need on the team.

I think that protesting with not lvling to lvl 300 is not too effective and here why.

I'm sure while you are racing to level 300 there are others behind you who are racing as well, and there's a good chance they will pass you and level to level 300.

Now Nexon can take that moment to be really petty with you by celebrating the person and as a way to get back at you for trying them, they will maybe give this person who reaches level 300 good items or some good stuff to hush up the situation wait for it to die down and move on.

The other question to ask too is if others will follow suit and protest with you. Are others committed to the revolution or change as much as you are? these are things to consider when going into a battle.

Forcing Nexon hand will require everyone to be on code and with the cause. From my memory when others were protesting to not spend any more on this game I have still seen MVPs and other stuff going on heavily in Hyperion and other servers. This was something I noticed and it let me know a lot of you were not with the cause. I spent money myself cause let us be honest I am not part of the team so the rules don't apply here lol.

I get what he's doing but I don't see any change happening, if people couldn't stop MVP during the last protest who to say one person won't keep training and reach level 300 which completely destroys your protest? Who knows maybe Nexon might pick a random person and have a GM fix their exp to level and pass him.

but I mean if anyone thinks what I said is wrong prove me wrong and yeah have a good day and make maple great again