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Abyss Expidition - Icefield Snowy Mountains (TMS)

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As many of you remember, in recent winter 2023-2024, the Abyss (Abyssal) Expidition - Minar Forest content has been started for the first time ever here at Global MapleStory.

The content of Abyss (Abyssal) Expidition returns to Taiwan MapleStory this year! Abyss Expedition 4 - Icefield Snowy Mountains has started recently (two weeks ago) at Taiwan MapleStory!
Check out for the full details here at the Taiwan MapleStory webpage:

Abyss Expedition 4 - Icefield Snowy Mountains


Event Period :
2024/05/16 09:00 ~ 2024/06/25 23:59

Lv 200 and above, Son of God (Zero) who completed the second chapter of the story, and the game will be carried out on a server-by-server basis

Huge chasms found everywhere in the world of Maple Valley, the Abyss!
It's uncharted territory that stimulates the curiosity of adventurers, but a dangerous place where no one dares to go alone!
O true Maple Valley Emergers, gather at the Abyss Exploration Headquarters of the Maple Valley Expedition Team!
Only those who have the qualifications of the strongest expedition captain can master the power of the abyss hidden in the deepest part of the abyss......!



For now, you can also listen to some background music related to this event, such as "MapleStory BGM: Abyss Expedition: Paralyzed Waterfall" (remix to "El Nath - Warm Regard") and more.

Furthermore, Abyss (Abyssal) Expidition - Minar Forest will arrive this summer to MapleStorySEA for the first time ever.

I personally believe that it will arrive to here - Global MapleStory in the upcoming winter 2024-2025. Also, we will probably hear some few details about it before it will come during the next MapleStory Fest.
Please note that I don't have any official and verified details but I have some feelings about the future ;)

Is not it exciting?? What do you think?