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Happy Juneteenth

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So today is an amazing day today as a Black player it joys me to celebrate one of the greatest and best days of June which is Juneteenth "Father's Day too". I knew no one else would say anything so I had to, I just had to do it. Today is the day when we free the last set of slaves that we knew of "Some areas did have them but pretty much outlawed" So I wanted to celebrate today with a post as I am passionate about Black history and everything Black. You can celebrate in your own way too so if it changes your "guild emblem" to match some Black flags like the RBG flag, Even any other African American flag please do your thing and show some support to us.

We appreciate the support and to let every player know the Black community is here and alive in Maple as one of the most vocal and famous Black players of our time I want to give a shout-out to the family and a shout-out to our supporters. Today is a day to celebrate and to continue speaking out about the injustice done to Blacks. I thank you all and happy JuneTeenth.

My favorite day of June ;)