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[MAINTAINED] Current Bugs & Issues with Forums

The Blue CorsairThe Blue Corsair
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Welcome, mapler.

This is a collection of bugs and other issues I've currently discovered on the new forums. As updates are available (or fixes applied) this will be updated accordingly. Please note, this is not any official thread and is merely just done with love.

Forum-Related (General)
• There is currently a security flaw that allows members to use any externally hosted image as their avatar instead of the pre-selected choices. For safety reasons, more information about this will not be shared and has been brought to the attention of @KThxBaiNao / Nexon.
• "Latest Developer Posts" should be changed to say "Latest Nexon Posts" or something more relevant, since developers will usually never actually interface directly with the community on the forums expect special circumstances.

• Deleted profiles or otherwise inaccessible profiles don't have a proper error page, they simply show Vanilla's default error page. (http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/dashboard/home/deleted)
• Profiles with spaces are unable to edit profiles or make changes besides their avatar.
• Mentioning profiles with spaces can cause oddities in posts (as noted by @KThxBaiNao)
• Activity on profiles doesn't.. actually show activity. It shows notifications (which is also shown on the Notifications page)
• Shouldn't Comments be called Posts? I'm pretty sure it is on default Vanilla's theme.

• There is improper padding on the warning display on profiles. http://i.crr.io/s_OJPQ.png

• Background images can't be used in HTML/CSS, but normal background can. (background: color works, but background url('url here') doesn't).
• When you like a post, you can't tell if you've already liked it or not. (No difference in look or CSS)
• If you place a div on the same line as someone's quote ( < blockquote > ), it will break the entire page and prevent you from fixing your comment/post. (SEVERE BUG)



  • BIackbeanBIackbean
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    also add that you're not notified when someone likes a comments of urs. but the # does change. also when some quotes you or comments on a thread that you typed b4. it shows on the mainlist as new +# if you did comment on it b4. please add the notification thing so we can keep discussions going rather than bookmarking/ manually checking. don't want to ignore someone by accident.