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rating latest Cinema Movie

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i had no idea on how to name this threat but what im asking for is : could you give me a reviw and/or kritik of the latest movies? after you watched them yourself. you see, most of you are propably from america, which means you see movies LONG before me ( im in germany). of course i could just watch some reviwes from professionals but tbh i rather want to hear what the casual viewer thinks. people like you and me. i myself watch A LOT movies. im at least once per week on the cinema with my 2 best friends ...

one obvious general rule. plz give a spoiler alert when you spoiler

next big titels here are: The Magnificent Seven (which is already running but i havent seen), 29.09.2016 "war dogs", 13.10. "inferno", and what im most hyped for 6.10. sausage party :D