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Monster Life - Missing Gems and Warus

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edited November 2016 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Monster Life

Brief bug summary: Gems and Warus disappear after logging on. I notice i lost 6-7 gems and a roughly estimated 450k-700k warus for unknown reason. I checked in the past few days that I am pretty sure i haven't spend a singe dime on fusion or purchasing in-game items.

More details: I can't provide an exact information from the Monster Life, but it can be prove through Nexon Database that i haven't spent a dimes on fusion nor purchasing in-game items such as monster boxes and buildings for the past few weeks.

Screenshots for the current my Monster Life Farm

Steps to reproduce: i do apologizes for this step, but this is all I have encountered through this problem.
1) Log on a character
2) Enter Monster Life Farm through the "Visit Farm interface.

Character name: Shanochi

Character level: 214

Character job: Hero

World name: Windia

Date and time of the incident: 10:28 PM Central Time (Between PST and EST)- 11/21/2016