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[FIXED] v177 Text Wrapping Messed Up

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edited October 2018 in Bug Reporting
Fixed as of v178.

Bug type: Text

Brief bug summary: Text wrapping hasn't functioned properly since the v177 Secret Stories update. It cuts into the middle of words, which is wrong and is not how it worked prior to v177.

For example, text wrapping has worked like this since v177:

Hello, my name really i
s Bob!

It should wrap like this instead, which is how it worked prior to the v177 update:

Hello, my name really
is Bob!

Steps to reproduce: Look at any sort of item, equip, or skill that has multiple lines of text.

Sample screenshots:







  • Shaneration1Shaneration1
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    small issue but one that becomes very distracting and annoying over time, hope this is fixed soon.