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The Game Breaking 8 Slot Coupon

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edited November 2016 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Functionality, event

Description: The Storage 8 Slot Coupon that the Hot Week event gave makes some resources of the game unavailable. After you try to use the coupon, you become unable to do many things, and no message shows.

More Details: I did some testing here and that's what i could find:
The game works fine until you try to use the coupon. After that, nothing shows up, and strange things start to happen. The most notable one is being unable to talk to any npc or use any portal at all. Also, some "Use" items get stuck. As i tested, i saw that Mastery Books (20 and 30), Reward Pouches, and the Return Scroll to Town are examples of that, however, some other items (Like Power Elixir) don't get affected. And to make it worse, some resources become unavailable, like Cash Shop, Monster Collection, and even changing channels. The only ways of getting rid of it are either using a teleport rock to move to another map or logging off. However, if you try to use it again, the same thing will happen.

Steps to Reproduce: Try to use the 8 Slot Storage Coupon.~

Character Name: EdemonAvenge

Character Level: 120

Character Job: Demon Avenger

World Name: Reboot

Date and Time of the incident: From the moment the maintenance ended until now.