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New villain idea Ragnarok god of apocalypse.

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well i had this idea in my head for awhile to expand upon maplestory. the black mage is the current big threat but he represents the element of darkness there are so many more powerful elements like death and plague. but the main villain Ragnarok the god of Apocalypse. this villain is able to defeat the black mage with the wave of his hand and is impossible to kill. you can beat him down but he is the 1 that brings about the end off all the worlds in the game. this boss is built to be hard and you can get his health to zero but he still brings about the end of the game. ending the game in Final fantasy end of an era cut scene style. THIS IDEA IS BEST PLACED WHEN THE END OF THE GAME IS NO MORE UPDATES ITS THE GRAND FINALE BEFORE MAPLESTORY 1 IS SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD.