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Incorrect server time on Luna Channels

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edited December 2016 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Server Issue?

Brief bug summary: Channel 13,14 and 15 on Luna are 1 hour ahead of the server time

More details: Channels 13, 14 and 15 server time is UTC +1 instead of UTC. This means events like 2x exp and drop start and finish 1 hour earlier than they should allowing people to abuse this to get 4 hours of 2x exp and drop. This also causes issues if you try to enter dojo at 22:30UTC, it will say that it is calculating ranks. People have been abusing this at least the past 2 weekends of double exp and drop and its just not fair on everyone else.

Steps to reproduce: Go to any of these channels at 17:00 UTC on a 2x day, they will have 2x one hour before any other.

Character name: Lapsucaeli

Character level: 216

Character job: Demon Avenger

World name: Luna

Date and time of the incident: Originally 27th November 17:30UTC, also the past weekend events.

Honestly I reported this over a week ago through Customer Support and with all the maintenance done last week I thought it would be fixed but it isn't. I will add a video of the issue once I upload it.


  • InvulgoInvulgo
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    This issue has been forwarded.
  • HieroHiero
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    I entered one of these channels with 24hrs EXP+DROP coupons on me, and they where removed 1hr earlier then supposed. They also make a mess with sudden missions, and Event Play V Rewards if you forget about it and switch channels to or from them.