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Can't redeem any of my burning rewards

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edited December 2016 in Bug Reporting
Hello.. So this is pretty awkward.
I created an Aran, set it as my burning character and I'm already lvl 100 now but all this time I've been trying to accept the quest which would give me all the loot boxes and the forzen set but it simply does nothing after i press OK in the last part of the conversation between me and the Administrator NPC (the list of all the gifts I should get) But nothing happens after that. It simply won't let me redeem anything.. Please help. ><



  • LautnirLautnir
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    Same problem as mine, a GM told me they are receiving lots ofs tickets with this issue, they are trying to solve this asap.
  • GoldAdventurerGoldAdventurer
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    edited December 2016
    This happened to me, too that I didn't recieve the specific quest which provides the burning character rewards including the Snail Pet, Frozen Set for level 100, level 30 equipment set box and a title coupon.