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Keyboard stops working ONLY when playing MS

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edited December 2016 in Tech Support
I've been having this problem for a while now, I'm playing the game normally and all of a sudden my keyboard just stops working. Sticky keys are off.
It happens randomly, and it ONLY happens when MS is active, so for example if I have MS on and it's even just minimized there's a chance it could happen.
When it happens I must re-plug my keyboard, sometimes it happens during boss fights or even just training around and I lose my runs and EXP because it gets me killed.
I'm using a USB Microsoft keyboard, nothing fancy.

I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this problem, and if anyone know how to fix this issue please let me know! Thanks.


  • SesomSlayerSesomSlayer
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    Sorry to bump this, but I have the same problem. Keyboard stops working randomly, then it continuosly spams the last key pressed untill I unplug the keyboard. Even when I alt-tab it keeps spamming the same button unless I unplug and replug the keyboard. Also have a USB Microsoft keyboard.
  • polerpoler
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    edited August 2017
    I don't know, maybe it is a problem with Microsoft keyboards. I keep having the same problem too.