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Consistently corrupted game

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edited December 2016 in Tech Support
I have been flat out crashing without any clear cause a lot recently - I scan the files for mismatched data (through steam checking) and it identifies about 9.3mb each time and replaces it - the game works fine after that, but then after a bit (not sure what causes it) it does it again! I scan, and replace, and it works fine.

Overall it's a minor inconvenience more than a actual issue - I can use the game for a good few hours before the problem arises again.

I am just wondering if anybody knows about this/has experienced it (and if there are any known fixes)
  1. Do you know about this?1 vote
    1. YES! and it happens EVERY DAMN TIME!
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    2. Yeah, but idc, it's there, it's annoying, but that's about it.
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    3. No clue what you're talking about Daleth, it works fine for me!
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    4. Daleth I think you need medical attention, you've clearly gone mad. (no opinion)
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