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Star enhance. sys. fix please and help on seling

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Ok, educate me on item values and why my stuff isn't selling as fast as it should be.

siCky911 sold me some Unique Terminus equips for 1.4b each. This made me think by upgrading my Epic Terminus equips that I won from the Marvel Machine to 12 stars and selling them for 1.4b will work the same way.

A year ago, I sold a clean Tyrant Thief Belt for 500m (thinking someone will buy it) as all those Legendary 15 star Tyrants are at 9.9b (which is impossible to acquire that amount in a flash of light). Amazingly, it worked.

Another time, I sold Clean Rare Sweetwater Gloves I earned during a Commerci Run. It worked. xQuinnValor scolded me for selling the SW gloves at that cheap price. Well, from my POV, it seems nobody will ever be able to buy a Legendary Tyrant equip for 9.9b.

So, what am I missing here? Because heres a problem I just ran into: the star enhancement system (it feels like it) robbed me of most of my mesos!

Yes. I used 4.9b from my Zero to upgrade my Ghost Ship Exorcist Badge on my Angelic Buster. By the time I finished getting the badge to 15 stars, my Zero went broke!

So now I need my 4.9b back ASAP! Only, my stuff isn't selling like I expected it to be. As I did most of the upgrades to the equips, I felt like I deserve more mesos in return. But it isn't working.

I wish I had evidence to show you what I mean by the star enhancement system broken, but sometimes, the star seems to move faster, the yellow spot seems to get narrower, and the star sometimes doesn't seem to register as in the middle even though its clearly in the middle when you clicked the stop button.