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Quests that count kills cause lag

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Bug type: Gameplay, performance

Brief bug summary: Quests that count kills cause a noticeable freeze in the client after every kill.

More details: When the character has a quest that counts kills active, the client gets laggy when killing the monsters that fit the quest's criteria. Multiple such quests cause even more lag.

This was reported in February in the old forums, by @Its2Sharp4U , along with this video:

KThxBaiNao commented in that thread that he would bring this up.
I had hoped that v.177's "optimization" updates would solve this issue, but it is still a problem even after this patch.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Go to a map with monsters "of your level range" (over 150 if you are over 150).
2) Have no kill-counting quests in progress.
3) Kill monsters. Observe smooth flow of game.
(Note: if you get kill-lag even with no quests in progress, try using a single-target skill. The multikill display generates its own lag )

4) Accept a kill-counting quest such as an Attendance, "Dark Destroyer" (of Dark Lords of Darkness), or "[The Afterlands] Just Your Average Bottle 'o Souls" (in Star notifier).
5) Continue killing monsters. Observe the client freezing for a fraction of a second after every kill. (Refer to video)

5.1) Accept another kill-counting quest.
5.2) Continue killing monsters. Observe that the client freeze lasts longer than with one quest.

6) Complete or forfeit the quest(s).
7) Continue killing monsters. Observe smooth flow of game once again.


  • LordRedLordRed
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    @AKradian i appreciate your post ive noticed this for awhile and didnt have the patience to try and bring attention to the never ending issue. Also have serious lag with pet auto looting.
  • SkyTheDestroyerSkyTheDestroyer
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    I feel the client freezing when killing monsters if there's kill-counting quests in progress as well.
  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    Let me throw an updated video on this issue since it's still relevant after v.177.3: