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Thoughts about chairs and inventory space

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This thread is a remake, to satisfy SaptaZapta from Reddit, as well as to note to other users how easy it is to move information from the old forums to the new ones. This thread has been modified to remove outdated/implemented information. Older, linked threads have been saved to image.

Originally posted by Invulgo, 05-27-2015 02:31 PM

Note: When I say well established characters I'm referring to main character or second main, basically a character you have been playing for a long time and participated in many events and gameplay over time.

I have all 96 set-up slots unlocked on my main character, 67 chairs are untradable including 12 slot chair bag. 29 chairs can be moved within the account or traded fully. I'm worried that if I still play my main I will eventually run out of space to participate in events that bring chairs.

This is also why I'm not getting tickets for the Gachapon that includes special chair sales because I have to little room for chairs, I "need" to save the precious slots I have left for event chairs. I could obviously hoard them on alts, but I don't enjoy them as much then. I do tend to shift out some of the chairs I don't have room for on my main every now and then, so that's fine.


1. Implement a chair tab
2. Implement a massive chair bag
3. Make more event chairs tradable only within the account.
4. Make a chair storage that has tons of room

Feedback regarding space: Generally I noticed that we have very little space in many ways, specially for characters that are not well established. For new characters I think that's expected, I think letting characters progress over time fun and part of game play. As long as there are free ways to increase inventory over time I don't think the actual inventory system is problematic.

I feel constantly "starved for" inventory space, some is because I hoard to much and have to big expectations for how much a player should be allowed to hoard and keep. But looking away from my hoarding habits, there seems to be very little space. That might be different for players that hoard less, so I might be blinded by my own perspective here.

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    That's nice, though as you point out at the end, the topic was re-introduced in these new forums. And KThxBaiNao even forwarded something about it to Nexon, for whatever good that will do.

    However, as an example of "how easy it is to move a thread", it fails. Where's the rest of the thread? And the rest of the posts in the linked threads? I don't have time to go over these threads specifically right now, but a thread in general is a discussion, with many useful points being raised in posts other than the first. Also, "preserving" threads as images makes them impossible to text-search for, even with Google.
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    If you wish to pick apart something, be my guest, but it's getting ridiculous. All threads present in this are severely outdated, and was more made to make a point; that information can be brought over. The old forums can't be searched for in Google anyway, so preserving them in the old forums is useless by your own logic.
    The topic was re-introduced on the new forums. Do so for other topics. Keeping an outdated archive alive for the sole purpose of maybe a handful of useful threads is not worth fighting everyone over.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    "Fighting everyone"?
    Who's fighting for removing the old forums? Who are they hurting?

    Why not let at least the new CM, who is supposed to be in charge of social media, take a look at the old forums and decide whether to toss them in the shredder?

    The old forums can't be googled but they have a good "advanced search" function.
    Information can be brought over, but only information we can think of at the moment, and for which we can create new threads as well.
    But if something comes up and I think, "wait, didn't we have an issue kind of like that in the past?" and want to search for it, I'm going to have to go to reddit or Southperry to find what it was and how it was dealt with, because it wasn't one of the things I remembered to bring over.
    (And furthermore, copying over just the opening post of a thread would probably not help with something like that, because the offered solutions or workarounds would be further downthread).

    Knowledge is power.
    Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
    And many similar adages.
    Which all boil down to: there has to be a very compelling reason to delete information. It's not the default function, it's not preordained, especially in this age of the internet and cheap storage. We shouldn't have to go looking for a few precious pearls to rescue from a burning building, and later bemoan the jaspers we forgot. We should simply not burn the building down.