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Kanna Missing Quests? (Including Emblem ones...)

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Sooo I finally decided to do the Kanna story quests. I had the quest "Movin' on Mu Lung" in my "In Progress" tab for probably about a year. I went over to Mu Lung, talked to Tae Sang, completed it, and the next quest didn't show up... According to guides I read online (as well as the "Completed" tab on another Kanna character I have), the next quest should be "Mu Lung's Contribution" given to you by Tae Sang. But Tae Sang isn't offering me that quest, nor can I find it in the "Available" tab of my quest list. Is there some other requirement?

Also, how do you unlock the emblem quests? I have them on my lvl 134 kanna, but not on my lvl 206 one. I saw on reddit that others were having this issue, but no answers, and couldn't find a bug reporting thread for it. Is it still a bug? Am I just missing something? I heard someone say "do the story quests" but as you can see above, I'm a little stuck on that lol.