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Would you play kanna without kishin?

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just questions
  1. Would you play kanna without kishin?23 votes
    1. yes
       57% (13 votes)
    2. no
       43% (10 votes)


  • AaronHuskyAaronHusky
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    Top mobber, top support, and competitor for top bosser? Sign me up

    now if only kanna wasn't boring
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    No. The only reason mine is even 200, never mind 203, is because I've used it to farm event coins since glory. If kishin were removed it would just be one less class to have to worry about capping coins on during events. The class is boring in the same way that cheating in single player rpgs is boring.

    I started a new skyrim playthrough once, and I abused console commands to give myself 100 in every skill tree, then more commands to take every perk, then still more commands to give myself the highest tier of armor and weapons with ridiculous enchants on them. I was bored within 15 minutes after finishing all of that. That's what kanna and kishin feels like. There's no challenge, there's no purpose. Hell, there's not even a need to so much as pay attention for the most part.

    Besides, pathfinder(my other go-to coin capper and shares storage with my main to boot) has much more enjoyable mobbing than kanna.
  • PorterPorter
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    I think removing Kishin would negatively affect GMS's Reboot server. Most people I know in Reboot have a Kanna for meso-farming and they'd level it close to 250 because the Arcane River maps are the best for this. Since their Kannas are already so high in level they also use it to Kishin for their friends who'd like to train. These players also spend NX on making their Kannas look nice since they have to spend a lot of time on them for these reasons also.

    I understand that Kanna is boringly "OP" and could do without the increased spawn but the Reboot community would end up taking a heavy blow and a good amount of its players are upset about this. Some are even deciding they'd quit? Reboot is the most populated server in GMS and unlike KMS where their regular servers are still packed, this new update will become a problem for GMS because let's face it, where there are the most players, there is the most money flowing in for Nexon.

    Along with Kishin, Fury Totem (even Frenzy?) is getting nerfed and eventually being removed too. Many players are concerned that this will cause cause the community to gradually die out.

    Is Nexon planning on making the spawn rates of mobs in all maps better overall after this or? What is their goal? GMS can't be treated the same as KMS and follow the exact same updates because the players of GMS are interested in different features and the servers aren't evenly populated.

    I personally spent a bit of NX on my Kanna because I knew I'd need to spend a lot of time on it for meso-farming too but without Kishin I highly doubt I will want to play it at all since I also find the class quite boring. Having Kishin would mean having to spend less time playing this class because I would finish capping/farming/leveling a lot sooner.
  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    Kill kishin, the worst parasite in GMS. Kanna is good enough on herself, and at least that way I can play Kanna without fearing the banhammer.