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should i make the switch?

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edited September 2020 in General Chat
some back story, i've returned to play maplestory for the burning world event. i'm entirely f2p and always have been since i first started playing (i think i bought an outfit once or something though?)
i've always been on Zenith (now Elysium) but i've been thinking if its worth switching over to Reboot or not
(i have a feeling this question is asked so many times that seeing it angers hundreds but im seriously struggling to make this choice myself and maybe i'll get insight from those who have made that same choice?)
i know its not like my characters will be deleted or anything but starting my characters all over again seems rather.. intimidating? idk if thats the right word?
i have never had a character over lv 200 so its not like i will be leaving too much behind (my main is lv. 189), i'll need to get character slot cards but this seems doable
with all that out of the way, the only huge roadblock for be switching would be having no pets
my main has a perm. pet from some event or something and i dont think i'd be able to play without a pet, just thinking about spamming the pick up key.. oh god... the ultimate torture..

anyway, thanks for reading, hoping i can get some advice/insight!

tl;dr - super invested in Elysium, want to switch cuz' entirely f2p (not a freakin whale), intimidated by lots of work to be done and no pets. especially no pets.


  • AlbinorockAlbinorock
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    Make the switch. If you're purely f2p then go to reboot. The pet thing is a problem but you can get a free pet from this Wonky check in event, buy the life of water for reward points and tada.
    It'll be hardish at first but it's nice since no one there is p2w. Nonreboot worlds are just...crap.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Try it out. If you don't like it after a couple weeks or so, go back.

    I'm f2p on bera, super-invested too, no urge to switch to reboot.
  • TrystarrTrystarr
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    you can get competitive as free to play if you are super invested. doing your dailies will get you so much extra stat, farming mesos can make you good meso as long as you aren't spending it on Frenzy service.. there's an event right now you can make 3 link mules for stat bonuses from links, as well as improving your legion. just to name a few.

    Really cheap to cube right now, if you farm 1bill you'll have around 25knx using the meso-market.
  • SherriSherri
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    so i started it, im liking it so far :D
    my main is a kanna @ Lv. 153~
    idk how to set up my hypers yet but so far all is going well!