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Untouchable status effect broken in Seren

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edited September 2021 in Bug Reporting
Skills such as Night Lord Showdown apply an "untouchable" status on bosses:


This status prevents boss "touch damage like" attacks from inflicting damage. This status effect does not seem to work correctly in Seren.

As an example, Seren's dash attack in phase 1 is supposed to be nullified by untouchable. The attack looks like this:


You can see an example of untouchable preventing the Seren dash from inflicting damage in the Korean version of the game here:


This is an example of the dash not being blocked in our version of the game:


You can see the showdown debuff is visible on the boss but the dash still hits me, which is not the correct behavior in the boss.


  • FreeTempoFreeTempo
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    edited September 2021
    Can confirm that Showdown and Flame Haze does not correctly apply untouchable in the Seren boss fight. Please fix