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Can't progress

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Hi guys,
I'm kinda new to this game and don't really know where to ask, but I got a problem, where in the Ellinel Fairy Academy questline after I have defaeted the Mole King for the first time and got the rewards for it, as in the quests (Ellinel Fairy Academy) Professor Peace, and (Ellinel Fairy Academy) Security Guard, but then nothing happend, no more quests and after a while of searching around I found that I should have gotten another quest, where I have to defeat the Mole King 5 more times. So I thought maybe I picked it up and just didn't pay attention to it, so I went and defeated the Mole King 5 more times, but that didn't do anything. I even did the whole thing again on another character becouse maybe I missed something but as before nothing happend. The quest I should have gotten is (Ellinel Fairy Academy) Dethrone the Mole King, and I should have been able to pick it up from Faculty Head Kalayan, but as I mentioned I can't do that. Thank you for your help in advance.


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    Strictly speaking, the Fairy Academy storyline ended after you defeated the Mole King the first time. The Dethrone the Mole King quest is entirely optional and doesn't grant any special rewards that I know of.

    You might want to move on to another theme dungeon, such as Elodin, Gold Beach, or Riena Strait. Check the Maple Guide (default hotkey is U if I'm not mistaken) for stuff to do around your level, or check the lightbulb icon on the left-hand side of the screen for available quests.