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This is getting a bit too ridiculous, no?

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First of all I want to make clear, I don't feel like I posted this in the wrong forum section. I could post it to Rants and Raves, I could post it to Bug Reports or I could also post it to Suggestions, Feedback, and requests. But I decided to put it here because I feel like it gets the most visibility and honestly speaking this is not a rant, nor bug report nor a suggestion. This mainly me speaking out my mind as a frustrated coming back player to Maplestory. I'm from Europe and I'm playing on the EU server.

I'll give out very short and brief introduction to my current problem with the game as of now:
It's 2x drop 2x exp right now as I write this salt filled post and I tried to find a map in the colossus area in Leafre that DID NOT include 1 or more map hackers.
It was so insane I couldn't even complete my quest of collecting 100 seeds from the monsters. I. could. not. get. even. 1. freaking. killing. blow. before. the. monsters. died.
I used up my 10 reports of the day instantly and I found like 50 more people that I wanted to report but I couldn't. Can we first take a moment to think about how stupid it is to not be able to EVEN report those people? So right now there's about 30+ people hacking in that area in every channel and I can't even get this one damn quest done.

What? Why? I'm confused. I know Maplestory has always had some issues. But.. really? Like.. REALLY?
If you give me outright the abilities to ban people on sight I feel like I would do better job at it. What kind of server has 50 hackers running amok during hot grinding time like this and not do a damn thing about it. This is freaking awful.

And yes complaints are annoying and I wish the world was filled with only candy and happy thoughts.
And I also wish I could enjoy the event and play the game instead of writing a boring ass PJSalt post about how crap I feel right now.

Thank you for listening and have a happy day y'all.
I couldn't have fun within the game so I brought it with me here.


  • npfenixnpfenix
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    DeeMon said:

    It's normal, it's just something you have to get used to. Sometimes I can't even train because there's a hacker on every channel. nexon's lazy excuse is "ban one hacker and ten more will show up" or some crap like that.
    If that is the case.. then that is very very sad. That's like saying you're getting bullied at school but it's normal to you so you just have to grin and take it up the bum every single day because teachers are too tired and lazy to get rid of the bullies. And that quote is absolute garbage as well, why do you even run the game at that point then? That's like setting up a store, putting up price tags and then running away. Leave someone there so that the money doesn't get stolen but don't provide any kind of customer service whatsoever. In real life you obviously wouldn't be able to get away with that because people would simply choose another store. In this case it's possible because it's the internet.

    If all that holds true, then I don't really see a good future for this game. It's so sad to see the game I love in such a sorry state.
    I got hacked and was forced to quit in old eMS. I see that the hackers still have their way and have way more power than Nexon does in their own god damn game.
  • forumsareannoyingforumsareannoying
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    Hackers have always and will always be around. Nexon will never do anything serious to stop them from doing what they do. Since you're from EU and don't really know how things work here on GMS, I'll help you understand a few things real quick.

    Believe it or not, hackers actually generate great economy but only for those who are already somewhat wealthy in game. Even though there isn't a huge amount of wealthy players, those that are wealthy generate a lot of circulation in the free market. Hackers sell cheap crafting materials, elite boss drops, and sometimes average cubed equips. Without them, the market would be very different in terms of having much more expensive items and funded players would hoard and raise the prices even higher. It would reach a point where Nexon will be forced to increase the drop rate of certain things since nobody will be willing to grind for x hours to sell something at a low price. And no one will spend a high amount of money for something that will give a low reward.

    For people who don't train, they tend to not care too much about hackers since they don't often interact with them. For everyone else, it's a nightmare just as you described. That being said, Nexon could probably do something that would drastically reduce the amount of hackers we have. But that would mean that the market will also drastically change and they won't know if the $ they make from NX will go up or down. Also, people buy mesos with real life $ in order to buy things from the FM. So even though those people don't give money directly to Nexon, the money they end up using inevitably becomes in-game currency being used to buy things in the FM, which keeps the maple economy circulating.

    That's all just speculation though. I don't know the true facts behind all that but as a player who has been dealing with the free market avidly for quite some time, it's the best explaining I can give as to why hackers are still around in such massive quantities.

    I share the same opinion as you do, I don't think this game has a bright future unless they make big changes and soon. This patch has been anticipated for quite some time and sadly it has been a bit disappointment, despite their "continued efforts to ensure blahblahblah".