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late to the cra game

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edited February 2017 in General Chat
so...how should i scroll the cra set? stats with spell traces or atk with chaos scrolls?



  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    edited February 2017
    Spell Traces are a safer quick way to get started.

    With Chaos Scrolls there will be an bigger loss trying to aim for such stats due to being RNG dependent. If you're planning to use Return Scrolls the cost would skyrocket.

    Here's a thread I found using Google Search:
    Scrolling cra gear with spell traces v/s Chaos of goodness?

    I don't know the math for when it's actually worth but it's probably not a fixed value and dependent on your current stats according to this, if it's up-to-date:

    maplewiki.net | Attack Vs Stats
  • MomTeresaMomTeresa
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    ic, so, for armor:
    armor prime > chaos of goodness 60% > spell trace 30% > spell trace 70%?

    i don't have that many armor prime but i do have plenty of cog 60% from events (and...i'd need bunch of clean slate 10% too)