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How can I skip Chu Chu Island PQ,?

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edited July 2020 in General Chat
Ignore this thread - they have totally revamped the Chu Chu quests.

I am level 210 I/L and have completed the Chu Chu Island quest line. I would like to move on to Lachelin, but that required 210 to 240 arcane force and I only have 160.

How am I to get that? I have no buddies. Sad, I now, but I prefer it that way. Also, I play the European server, and there is never anyone hanging around looking for PQ.

My plan at the moment is just to go back to Vanishing Journey and grind daily quests for a few moths. That will be boring and won't get me much EXP. Do I have any alternatives?


  • AKradianAKradian
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    Chu Chu PQ can be solo'ed.
    But at your level and AF, you'll probably only be able to solo the Normal mode, and might not even do that fast enough for a good number of symbols.
    So, I recommend joining a guild.
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    In the Ark V-care patch, there should be the addition of a Hungry Muto easy mode, which will reward 1 symbol regardless of completion.

  • MawgMawg
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    That sounds like my solution, then. Thank you very much

    I wonder if I can do that AND the Arcane River dailies.