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So not gonna d/c ban these people?

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So i dont know the last time i checked key Weighing afk tele as a kanna is bannable since you aren't playing the game and can be considered macroing which makes sense because ya know its a game play it the right way or just dont play the game if you cant put the time into it. I love how DMT gets annouced now every channel for meso farming is literally filled to the brim on Reboot with kanna after kanna Afk teleing THEY DONT EVEN PUT DOWN KISHIN LUL they blantantly are afk teleing in maps like Ulu estate 2 and all the maps. So i just assume nexon/GM's just dont care and aren't gonna take even 5 minutes of their day to just browse through a few channels or those maps and kick those people because its so blatant? because maybe im wrong but im 99% sure your not suppose to do that and as someone who will sit at their computer for maybe a couple hours or a few who knows and farm mesos and become mind numb and see all these afkers just holding down tele as a kanna its the most fustrating thing so how the heck do these people not get banned?!


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    That's why they talk to people suspected of doing that, because if they really are weighing it down and are afk, they won't be able to respond to the GM. The thing is though, that a GM has to actually be there talking to them to get them banned (because otherwise there's no way to know for certain they actually were weighing the key down just from a video or image). Unfortunately the GM has to have been investigating them while they were doing it to really know if they should be banned.
  • TerrorStreakTerrorStreak
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    plus a gm is only gonna be able to catch soo many in a day and remember gms don't get paid for the most part, so it would be like asking them to scale mount everest with ice skates on, no matter how much effort they put into it they keep sliding back down. they ban 1 botter or catch a macroer and 3 take his place, kms has a smarter system in that all maplestory accounts have to be linked with a verified phone number, so it puts an ender and limit on to current botters since u r most likely not going to have access to more than like 2-3 phone numbers at most. instead of one botter having the means to generate thousands of accounts, they'll be limited to only a few and make it not even worth bothering with