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Character Selection & Legion Auto Crash Due to Ark

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I am having an issue where If I try to go into Legion Grid or go to the character selection page where my Ark is, I auto crash with no error message.
I have repaired my game files multiple times, updated my GeForce Drive, did a full windows 10 shutdown and reinstalled maplestory.
I also have tried logging using a different computer, and I still instantly crash trying to go on the same character selection page as my Ark or if I try to access Legion Grid.
I know its my Ark, because if I move my ark around using the Move characters in the character selection page, I instantly crash wherever I put my Ark.
The last thing I did on my Ark was Monster park 6-7 times about 4-5 days ago.


  • pommepouffepommepouffe
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    I think you are experiencing the same issue my friend had recently. She had this happen on her hayato, so the character page containing this character would immediately crash the game. Similarly, her hayato was on the first page of the Legion UI, so she would crash upon opening Legion UI as well.

    When she submitted a ticket, it was a really long back-and-forth exchange, but when it was finally escalated to the appropriate department they figured out that her hayato had bugged skin data. Two weeks after this, they fixed it in the minor patch on 20 September 2018:
    "An issue where players could not log in due to invalid skin data will be fixed. Players who had invalid skin data will be reset to default, and a Skin Coupon will be delivered to the affected players. Please pick up your reward from the gift box notifier on the left side of the screen before October 24, 2018 at 11:59 PM (UTC)."

    It sounds like your issue is similar, where some aspect of your character has invalid data. I think your best bet is to submit a ticket ASAP - my friend had this happen after the Ark patch in July, and it was only resolved in September. This was largely due to the first batch of tickets all being replied to by a new GM each time who didn't really seem to know much about the game. One finally did escalate it to the game team, but that took almost a month and a half to happen. You will probably be able to get it resolved faster though now that you can reference this case and they've solved something similar recently. Good luck!
  • ImJust2GodlyImJust2Godly
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    @pommepouffe, I do remember people having that problem. I am guessing mine is very similar.. Thanks for answering :3