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  • Combine the all the regular worlds into 1 world.

    Agreed 1000% Regular servers post reboot are flat out dead. Nexon is just avoiding the issue at this point. Some worlds have 4 fm rooms LOL. Maplestory is at its best when its lots of people and full. No doubt in my mind that if this happened the game would last longer, small worlds are so boring that people are quitting left and right.. Nobody wants to do anything but dailies and log off or afk and play PUBG or League, the community aspect in the small worlds is completely gone. Its a single player game at this point.. Please do this so that maplestory can be alive and kicking for awhile longer, because the current system is dying fast non reboot.
  • Character Name Change Issues

    Please do go volunteer at Nexon as a developer so you can get your name changes in time and see how easy you might think it is.
    Like I said in the other General thread, be thankful that you're getting a name change because they were removed from the game for a couple years.
    You might not have gotten it this time, but you will get it.
    So chill.
    You are so out of touch with reality that it sickens me.... Nexon is a company that pays people to do things like this... and code the game correctly.. Those are paid positions.... not volunteer.... I don't see WOW or League having this many errors... this often... with Nexon its weekly... something doesn't add up Kappa
  • Character Name Change Issues

    Its not that Nexon is the worst company ever.. Its just that the things they do point towards it.... for years now... So idk why anyone wouldn't expect people to complain a lot.. This game has gotten worse and more dead year by year .... for a reason maybe? @aggraphine