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Paying With PayPal not working

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Hey guys, if i try to pay via PayPal, it says i enter the wrong password.

Does anyone know why ? (It's the correct password.)


  • LunasAuraLunasAura
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    same for me, its not working at all. seems the billing system is broken again and i really wanted to buy items on icarus aswell.. so much for that plan .x. (In al seriousness though dont attempt to buy thru paypal because too many attempts will lock your acc out aslong as its down).
  • AKradianAKradian
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    Do you mean paying by PayPal on Nexon's website, or buying Karma Koin through Paypal's website?

    You can also use PayPal to buy Karma Koin at PCGameSupply.com

    The advantage to buying Karma Koin is that you get "prepaid NX" which has less limitations than "credit NX".

    Good luck.
  • PlaySpencerPlaySpencer
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    If you go through steam you can still use Paypal. You need to have to logged into MapleStory using steam and then enter the Cash Shop and click the button charge NX in the bottom left and you can pick how you wanna pay safely within the Steam overlay.