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Be VERY careful about deleting Damage Skins

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edited April 21 in Bug Reporting
I somehow ended up with a duplicate Purple damage skin on both ends of my list, and one of them overwrote another skin I'm trying to figure out.
I don't know how this happened, but it always happens (this happened TWICE TO ME NOW, first a Lovely damage skin which I paid for) after deleting skins.

If you like most of your skins, avoid deleting them. I'm afraid of even using this system anymore. Thanks for eating two damage skins I like, game.
I am so sick of this happening.

EDIT: I added a Couples Army damage skin last night and woke up to it being overwritten by A THIRD PURPLE DAMAGE SKIN. At least this time the damage skin that was overwritten was currently in the top box instead... H E L P