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Fishing Material Bag Cannot Be Discarded

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edited July 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type:
The Fishing content's Material Bag cannot be gotten rid of.

More details:
When starting the Fishing content, the first set of quests you do will reward you with a Fishing Material Bag. However, if you decide you're no longer interested in the Fishing content, you can't get rid of the bag, because it will not let you drop it. You cannot NPC it, give it to Maple Admin, or drop it, so it's stuck in your inventory. Surprisingly, I haven't seen anyone post a thread about this here yet.

Steps to reproduce: See above

Character name: GreenGales

Character level: 231

Character job: Wind Archer

World name: Bera

Date and time of the incident: Any time when you accept the quest, specific time is irrelevant