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It is possible to recover my account?

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Hey, I wasn't sure if this discussion belongs here (since I'm so new into forums). Anyways, I wanted to ask if it was possible to recover my GMS account. Last time I got to log into it it was since feb 2017, now I'm trying so hard to recover it with the possible mails and can't seem to recover it. At first I though my character was deleted or my character's id got change into #234656 (example) since I couldn't find it through rankings. Then, I looked for it through rankings and thank godness it's still there. But, I'm afraid I can't get into my account anymore, since It's a very precious account to me and I really want to recover it. If it's not possible, I guess I have to say good bye to it. I'll really appreciate it if I get a possible solution for this, if not, I'll still be grateful for your hard work. Thanks Nexon:(.


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    You can recover your account through support .
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    Oh, thank you! I'll look into it. ^_^