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No Haste Title Reward After Completing 2 Weeks

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Completed both weeks of haste quests, after I opened the 2nd box I got the chair and the flame, but I did not get the haste title nor is a new quest available for the haste title.
It seems everyone else that I know who completed the 2nd week of haste is also experiencing this.


  • Spirit0fFunSpirit0fFun
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    I finished the first week of Hasty Hunting and got the reward on my main. I completed the first day of the second week and got that reward on my main, then logged onto a different char and started doing dailies. I noticed that it wasn't counting the monsters 33,333+ for the second week's goal so I opened the Hasty Hunting box screen and it showed the first/second reward box glowing, which was odd, so I clicked on the box and it gave me the second week rewards (chair and flame). So, I'm confused. It is still counting monsters towards the daily for the rewards.
  • PandaDualPandaDual
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    I am also having this problem. I don't know why, but when I claimed the rewards for today I only got the flame and chair.

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  • AKradianAKradian
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    Thank you for reporting this.
    Nexon has been informed.
  • ShokunKaYoShokunKaYo
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    I completed both weekly 1 and 2 missions and got their rewards, except for Haste title. Where is it?
  • RewasabRewasab
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    Yeah, same here, just wanted to check in.