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  • Christmas wrote: » It's being REVERTED. Arwoo said in stream (start at 18 mins) By any chance did they reveal when it will be reverted? I think many of us are constantly checking to see if it works but results are the same =/ It will ease our …
  • LiamZenith wrote: » This system is Horrible. Could we atleast know the MAXIMUM time it could be held in Limbo for ? We had to research this information about this ninja change using External sources, which you fail to address or notify your play…
  • Yup I still cannot create a character with the ign I deleted yesterday. It's been 28hrs+ and still unavailable. I hope there will be an unscheduled maintenance soon to fix this or remove this system. Can't even play Cadena unless I create one and w…
  • I didn't know about this... I thought some hacker stole it but when I deleted another ign that I wont be using it wasn't working either so I felt relieved a bit... Thanks for the post! Now I know I have to wait 24 hrs to use the ign I deleted. I…
  • I agree that there a way too many boxes. I only had 1.5x drop and it capped in a few seconds (at arcane). After that I got pet lag (too much drop to pick up makes the screen freeze bits by bit until i can take pet pick up off).
  • MaplerOver9000 wrote: » iBear wrote: » Isn't that a post on how to report the bugs encountered in the PTS server? I think they want the details of what we need to be looking out for in the PTS when we gain access to it. But I do hope the note…
  • Aquasis wrote: » I did get an official MS email with a code that i needed to activate in the nexon launcher so im geussing im part of the testers this upcomming round. But my main account is in the Luna server and i only have a lvl 46 character in…
  • MaplerOver9000 wrote: » There should be a PTS patch note available soon I think.... This mentions it : http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/15350/pts-bug-form-breakdown Isn't that a post on how to report the bugs encountered in the PT…
  • Scania, Level 220 Shade n idr how old my account is . Been playing for a long time is all I know
  • Time has changed to aug 10th, you can check the announcement on the forum.
  • Yeah the rates are pretty bad for the box. But overall, I can confirm that Rem roid is indeed in the box. (the blue hair one) I haven't watched re:zero so I just go with the hair colour to identify them. I play in scania and my bf got remroid bu…
  • Neospector wrote: » Press Escape and you'll be moved to the world selection menu. thank you for that !
  • I've got the same issue too. And I found a random broomstick PermNX item in there, as well. I did notice I can buy things in other characters though. My Bichon Paw weapon got changed into the broomstick weapon. Yeah now that I searched that's what m…