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September 1, 1901


  • Dadevilslaya wrote: » why never scania? It is a dying server... I don't think you understand the situation on GRAZED, it's not a dying server, it's a DEAD server. Henesys is empty 95% of the time on cc1 except for meso selling bots, and arcane …
  • I don't mean to necro bump but these are still an issue on my account so I suppose the thread is still relevant :shrugs:
  • I am 100% for an event that allows people to ***leave*** active worlds such as bera for the new alliance, but not enter them. Worlds like bera will not die, and making sure people don't transfer OUT of the new worlds ensures that they are not dead f…
  • if it helps, one of the medals listed in the event tab that seems glitched (no forfeit or accept, seemingly unrelated npc icon)
  • I am having a issue where the fps of the game is reduced to 5 or 10 when using the external chat window, it's not lagging my computer, maple only takes like 5% of my cpu with or without it. it seems like the fps gets capped or something. I am using …
  • Madhouse Escapee did not work during the original event (the first release) but was fixed at a later date. Ones I can confirm: * Guardian of the Five elements * Mystic gate master * Mystic gate researcher * I choose illium.
  • DaisukeHaruto wrote: » Wouldnt mind a codex there.. And maybe easier to get mounts... I remember having to run my lvl 70 evan against a lvl 110 area for the saddle materials.. Was not fun it was even more savage when you were a new player tryin…
  • I refuse to answer the poll on the grounds that it puts words in my mouth that I do not wish to say. On a serious note: Yeah, I experience it, it's annoying but workable.
  • I just kept using steam and I got the reward f3.
  • Arwoo wrote: » Game is up! Yaay! Bringers of good news get cookies and hugs! I don't have any cookies and idk where you are so I hereby declare whoever is the nearest person to your left owes you my debt.
  • I hope you know, whoever you are, Satan has a seat with your name in a gold plaque waiting for you. You're a monster. Jk, but still, what you've done is not natural.
  • AlexF wrote: » I hope everyone can get enough leaves for today~. I think you have an extra 2 weeks ish to turn in the leaves? 15 days of Max is what's required to complete the event. I really hope you're mistaken about that because those number…
  • MageOfBattles wrote: » Daleth wrote: » ~snip~ I think that the main point that we're trying to make is that these people are being paid to deal with this enormous server. I'm not trying to say that it's ludicrous that they make mistakes. Ye…
  • Arwoo wrote: » Greetings, everyone! We estimate a maintenance completion time of around 11:30AM – 12:00PM PDT. We apologize for the extension and hope to see everyone in-game when it's up! Thank you, Arwoooo~ Neat thanks!
  • Girthquake wrote: » DaisukeHaruto wrote: » Pachomar wrote: » Is it too much to ask to have a maintenance in the scheduled time? And I'm 100% sure the game will have new shiny bugs whenever maintenance is over... Jenkins! I need more polis…
  • Tuba wrote: » AlexF wrote: » They finished like 2 hours early when they did a patch last week... These things happen, and they've not been extending as of late. Rather they extend to finish patching w.e they need then need to take the game d…
  • By the way y'all south of the border call Kraft Dinner "Mac and Cheese"
  • Pleinair wrote: » Same thing happened to me yesterday. Getting a tradeable Sun Chair on Pink Bean, just to have it disappear along with the character after the event is over, it's just so unfair. Isn't there any way to transfer it to a differen…
  • AKradian wrote: » not allowed to modify a single bit ... AKradian wrote: » a single bit ... AKradian wrote: » bit ...I see what you did there. -- Thanks for the info!
  • As far as I know. The game has never been down for over 24 hours due to a server crash, much less 48 hours. Really? I heard Big Bang was a pretty dark time. When we tasted big bang and realized what happened all too late