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  • Perhaps we can change "marraige" to "kinship" or "partnership" or "deep friendship" Iirc we already have rings that are shared umong friends. I think this would be a good footing. instead of changing the marriage. Just remove it and change it wi…
  • OMG YES. some of my familiar names actually got screwed over by the unreasonable censorship. id love a chance perhaps giving us a chance to rename it when we add an other familar card.. tho if its areally rare familar this may be a problem..
  • occult cubes dont seem to derank often. it is often told to just buy a epic potential 50% and use mastercraftsman cubes from then on either in the form of service or from master craftsmans cubes that you make
  • im pretty sure the dates were on the patch notes i recall reading it a fair while ago. TL DR. check the website to stay informed. to avoid future mishaps
  • it seems like nexon has been catering to the hackers more than the players because the hackers are the only ones who benefit from this change.. u know cus they can bot 24/7 while us normal players..... i dont remember the last time i saw a CCB dro…
  • This should have been communicated before they were released. so if someone ranks up later will they be able to get everything. as it stands i need 5 more days to rank up to bushmaster
  • i actually use the von leon gear on most of my legion alts i find they looks better than most the other gears and its a bit cheaper than starforcing the higher level stuff
  • a good idea but the bots would have much more advantage than the regular players this would cause bots to be able to flood ALL servers not just the two most populus ones. unfortunatly until hacking takes a serious hit us regular players are consta…
  • iirc these skills were pretty OP for the time they were around. and some are still kind of useful *thief one in particular*. it was KOC were got tier at the time so these skills was actually sought after for quite a while. however my god yes. t…
  • if i recall correctly... this section of forums is also for re.ests.. a part of my keyboard no longer works so u can figure the missing letter there. and yea.... i emailed them 4 times with pretty much the exact same reply. pretty sure i was tal…
  • Also im aware that GMs do show up on forums sometimes and this post is mostly directed at them. Im just doing the most i can do to get a response. If i remember correctly there is also a live gm support or something? What was it called Actuall…
  • They initially replied rather quickly after i got an email. But since i responded to that one its been silent. So im not having high hopes. I feel like i was just brushed off and that really bothers me :-:
  • so an other thing that should be accessible to all players locked behind a paywall totally not suprised. But thats no excuse. When we had free market The cheapest shop had 18 items. With the bettter one being 24. I think at the very least we sh…
  • i really gotta find a guild soon lmao. i still haven't done this on any of my characters so just ignored it.. i also dont want to do the black heaven on my non main char because its like 4-6 hours no thanks dont want to do that again. for a newer pl…
  • considering how much daily crap i have to do already will probably skip this unless the PQ is within a reasonable time frame (since it has to be cleared several times a day irrc)
  • should honestly megathread this cus im also stuck at this part on all my characters. maybe there is something on discord. and its prob worse for people who aren't in a guild. like my self lol
  • there is a once per world item there is also a once per character item. and yea it can be annoying to distinguish but i think on a youtube video i randomly saw. it said if the letters of the word is blue its per character or something
  • wait have they still not brought back cwkpq? thats like one of the few things that get people consistently together. lol
  • currently im just trying to log into the game... i have had no luck getting to log in to delete the character so i can make the burning character and thus get my pathfinder rewards. looks like i wont be getting them since i been trying for about 3 …
  • so basically you guys just suck it up ? yea i dont think ill be coming back.