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March 29, 1989
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  • Well I'm more social in the real world rather than within the internet. Just on reddit the games i did like all fill with tryhards/streamers/exploiters. Why should i succumb to that behavior. If any i get some kool anime wallpapers, but that's ab…
  • As a hindrance this was having two of the same class in the same World server (Aurora) i had delete to of my classes luckily they were low level. The amount of income I have spread out is close to 20Bill Mesos thx to the Merge, but my structure …
  • MeiLinge wrote: » Crazy, i wanted to farm Big spider cards because it was good mesos but that place is packed with hackers...it's a shame that we are the ones that have to change our playstyle because of them. Weird i rarely seen them on Bello…
  • iyKagome wrote: » Well hello again. Ex-VFM here I havent been on here for the past 3 years and I miss this game and forum so much. Alot had happen in my life that caused me to put the game down, like job, laptop, losing my mom, and moving. …
  • Weird i was able to rotate to each other area after each repeatable quests was completed.
  • Aggraphine wrote: » Lucsean99 wrote: » I really don't understand the grown men that keep on using bots. it's pretty sad.. Seems like they have no real jobs at the moment or they can't get any better to move on.(I HOPE YOU ARE VIEWING THIS HACKE…
  • I really don't understand the grown men that keep on using bots. it's pretty sad.. Seems like they have no real jobs at the moment or they can't get any better to move on.(I HOPE YOU ARE VIEWING THIS HACKERS)
  • In my last run on this dungeon I got every key besides one which the only Bug as I remember. Heck i might even do a FACEBOOK Live episode on it, just for evidence if its still bugged.
  • After the game update late tonight. I will have revamped my MapleStory stuff LIVE on Facebook.
  • Carlac wrote: » Last night after I started MapleStory and the launcher updated. Since then the game goes through the entire loading process until I select a character. The games attempts to connect to a server (I play on Bellocon) but then crash…
  • MapleStory Veteran HERE! Something is very odd here. Basically waited until this game update was finished since i have one slot for Pathfinder. Yep doesn't load past the Nexon security pop up! This is coming for a guy who has the 2018 graphics an…
  • My goals are still set on Facebook Live. Jett and Evan playthrough. I'm just still doing a Marvel Marathon so I just 4 more movies.
  • Hehehe sneaky in...……..
  • Black lotus/Kuroyukihime Kanna is the closest lol
  • Sword Art Online of course
  • They way they made Maplestory 2 is simple. Fire Emblem Warriors it would be like, but you would start of with the Cygnus knights of course. Imagine them animated and Cygnus an actual class as well just like how Anna was in FE Warriors.
  • Taking advice, but taking the same advice over and over again. Is like someone nagging at you to . So If this society can't read, look, or listen humanity is at all time low. For once we can blame technology. If at my work if i said " Excuse me si…
  • - No one is going to understand your own agenda.(Follow your own path) - The mods will standby the majority of people against your ideals or opinions. - Be cautions of belittlement and ignorance which can tilt anyone. - Getting the help you need…
  • Clearly this VFM that's locking threads doesn't want to own up to anything, needless to say I'v sent a ticket against him, since he can't be an reasonable adult with these extra privileges.
  • Clearly they need stop locking threads, because the bluntly ignoring on PM's> So this is a suggestion thread nothing more. - To carefully solve issues that's what PM's are there for, aren't they? - Yet if they refuse PM reply back there's not …