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  • Goodbye worlds, hello replacement worlds??

    xparasite9 wrote: »
    It's also unjustly discriminatory against people (and let's not avoid the bitter truth of the criminal justice system: they are often People of Color) that are currently serving a sentence of incarceration that would last longer than this grace period, and would be unable to sort their characters in such priority.

    You could've just said people on break or in the army or whatever but you went for bLaCk PeOpLe iN jAiL.
    But also I'm willing to bet people that are just getting out of jail after 6+ months have several other things on their list of priorities that are above whether some of their MapleStory mules are temporarily inaccessible or not.
  • Arcane River acces for Permanent Beginners

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    The devs never intended for people to stay beginner beyond level 10, let alone to 200+.

    I disagree as there are old weapons and now achievements specific to beginner classes above level 10.
    They have no business going to Arcane River though.
  • I have too many friends

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    I'd rather just see server wide messages become free or less limited in some way.
    If Nexon wants a community to exist in MapleStory they're going to have to stop locking it behind a paywall/RNG.

    They kinda sorta tried with the chat channels, which failed miserably because of spaghetti code, removed and then never spoken of again. Was a nice idea, but poorly executed.
    There's also the concern of mesoselling bots flooding the global chats.

    Edit: I could personally get behind having the slots increased to 200-300. There's a lot of inactive old friends that I don't have the heart to delete in case they come back (like most do), while still wanting to make new connections. 100 wasn't enough back when the game was more active, and it still isn't enough.
  • I will end our shedding of tears right here

    Inovamed wrote: »
    1. Official Nexon employee replies in a thread and tells us "sure, we will listen to player suggestions from now on"
    2. Nexon decides to make a second big bang to the game - where everything gets perfect and exactly the way we want things to be.
    3. Worlds merge with Bera or Reboot, the only worlds worth playing on unless you count Scania and Windia.
    4. Party quests are full of people.
    5. Channels get full to the point you can't login to that channel.

    1. They publicly claim to listen already, and some suggestions do go through. But a lot of things just aren't feasible to implement and balance.
    2. Who is "we"? Because many people want different things and have a different idea of what a perfect MapleStory is.
    3. Reboot can't merge with other worlds because it's a different game type, and Bera is already considered to be over capacity.
    4. Will happen if PQ rewards are adjusted. I don't see why that is a "never".
    5. Nobody in their right mind wants that. Bera was close to that a couple months ago and it was unplayable.
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