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  • 5th Job Skill Alternate Name Poll

    All we want is a nice simple name that closely matches KMS, closely matches how the skill works, or easy to understand. Sometimes, Nexon localization takes it a bit too far.
  • Mouse sluttering/hovering/lag in Fullscreen mode

    I'm not tech savvy either.
    But you can check power options and change power plan to high performance if the CPU is downclocking frequently.
    Or if the problem is on Windows 10 you can go to c: > Nexon > Library > Maplestory > Appdata > Maplestory.exe

    Find Maplestory.exe and right click on it and go to Properties.
    Find the Compatability Tab and find the option Disable fullscreen optimizations.
    If the box is empty, check the box. Click Ok.
    This option when left unchecked forces MS to borderless windowed mode when in fullscreen.
    Don't know if it fixes your problem.
  • (Functionality) Snowdrift lodge cable car

    If you follow someone with the Snowdrift lodge cable car ticket when they use the portal to teleport up to the cable car, the person following them will also be teleported up, therefore bypassing the need of needing a Snowdrift Lodge Cable Car ticket for the following person.

    Reproduce bug

    1.Follow someone with Snowdrift Lodge cable car ticket

    2.The person with Snowdrift Lodge cable car ticket uses the portal to go to Cable car at the map Snowdrift Lodge: Path to Silver Mountain.

    3.Both of the characters will teleport up.
  • Changes to Drop Rate Formula Confirmation

    Drop rate of Nodestones have been increased by.......... 0.001%?
    Nexon thinks it is ok to screw the entire playbase because ^ percent of the people keep funding them so that they can support more games and introduce more pay to win items.
    Every improvement to this game always takes a giant leap backwards because of these erratic changes like nerfing drop rate.
  • Wonderoid Jump Quest Difficulty

    I rescued two androids currently.
    From my experiences, the timing with passing through the stationary/moving lasers as well as some jumping across small gaps is really strict. They need to increase the interval time that lasers fire by 50% and slightly shorten some of the gaps that you have to jump over.