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  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Sherri wrote: »
    RailBird wrote: »

    They changed Haku's Blessing because it made other mages powerful.

    And the only way to fix that is obviously by completely destroying Kanna's own range.
    The idea of just taking away the party-buff aspect of Haku's Blessing and turning it into a self-buff is just absurd.

    Exactly, and what ticks me off the most is that they expect us to just forget this happened.
    Well, news flash; that ain't happening. I'll gladly complain as much as I can for it to get addressed by Nexon.
    I was hoping fellow Kanna mains would join me.. :(

    Don't worry, you're not alone.

    I thought new forum accounts needed verification before posting though... But I guess that doesn't prevent our dear DeeMon here from continuously making new accounts with rather, 'interesting' names to troll. Well, at least they did us all a favour of bumping this up to the top!

    Let's just compare bishop's and kanna's skill% since the devs think kannas are a Japanese bishop for some reason (even though their playstyle is worlds apart).

    Bishop's bossing
    Angel Ray without Righteously Indignant: 295% x 5 = 1475%
    Angel Ray with Righteously Indignant: 295% x (5+5) = 2950%

    Kanna's bossing
    Vanquisher's Charm with all relevant passive hyper skills: (242+20)% x (3+2) = 1310% + not affected by attack speed bonuses due to it being a hurricane skill

    The skill% of Vanquisher's Charm is just sad compared to bishop's, even without them having RI active. Also, bishop's Angel Ray without RI hits 6 targets vs Vanquisher's Charm 3 with all relevant hyper passives.

    Bishop's mobbing
    Big Bang: 480% x 4 = 1920%
    Genesis: 810% x 6 = 4860% with 45s cooldown

    Kanna's mobbing
    Demon Fury: 200% x 8 = 1600% with 3s cooldown
    Orochi: 700% x 5 = 3500% with 20s cooldown

    Based on the cooldown:damage% ratio, Orochi would win against Genesis but even so, Kanna's main mobbing skill has a 3s cooldown compared to Bishop's AND have a lower skill%. Sure, Kannas have other spammable mobbing skills but (1) they have a much lower skill% compared to Demon's Fury and (2) unlike Bishops, Kannas are constraint by limited mana. The only saving grace for them would be spirit's domain, sengoku summon and yuki-musume but (1) spirit's domain does not crit and (2) lets not forget that Bishops have access to better mobbing via job change (sure, job change comes with the cost of mesos and nodes but it's already far less punishing compared to other explorer branches where you have to prepare a new weapon and secondary).

    Also, these comparisons do not take into account the fact that Bishops have access to Infinity and I think all explorer mages can agree with me how powerful that buff is. Are we gonna call for a nerf to that buff just because it gives a fat FD% boost? Obviously not as explorer mages depend on infinity just as Kannas depend on Haku's blessing. The correct solution here is to revert Haku's blessing back to being a MATT% buff while changing it to be a self-buff but obviously the devs gave no thought on balancing Kanna whatsoever because if they did, we wouldn't be stuck with a sorry excuse of a blessed ensemble copy (yeah, a bishop skill yay!) when our party buffs that trigger it lasts 60s at max and aren't controllable.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    I literally don't see any difference before and after whatever changed for Haku's Blessing. I'm pretty much doing the same damage as always.
    I think everyone in this thread is lying about something. Or, it's probably because I'm unfunded and never gave nexon any of my money yet.
    Yes, that's probably it. Everyone in this thread spent thousands of dollars on this one character, and now they're crying about how much they wasted on it.
    Good job, nexon.

    Looks like DeeMon made yet another new account to troll again LOL. You really have nothing better to do huh?