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  • Please give Adele on June 10th

    It's not going to kill you to wait a couple extra weeks for Adele.
    AMagicLie wrote: »
    Sarcasm Warning

    Yes, let's do that.

    Who cares about the difference in content between MSEA and GMS? It's not like there's unique content to MSEA and GMS, such as Gollux and GMS classes not available to to MSEA like Beast Tamer and Jett. Why bother checking if there are issues with having Adele in GMS content, like possibly having skills sending them out of the boundary of GMS-only maps, attacks simply just not hitting Gollux, or possible skill conflicts between Adele and classes not available in MSEA? MSEA and GMS are completely identical in every way.

    MapleSEA has Zen instead of Jett, so that's a moot point. MapleSEA also has some content that GMS does not, such as Veracent, a revamped Singapore / Malaysia, and a host of different bloated content that both KMS + GMS do not have. Also, Gollux and Commerci originated from ChinaMS, and still exist in China, Japan, and Taiwan. We're also getting the changes to Gloom, Darknell, and Lucid on the first day, when those were released in Part 3 of the KMS update, so Nexon doesn't always adhere to the exact same schedule as KMS. However with that being said, I do agree with your main point in how they shouldn't just release things willy-nilly and need to think about releasing content (which they admittedly don't always do but I digress).
  • Just a quick question on the Masteria Revamp

    darik wrote: »

    Come on dont be so negative, the alien content was super good, specially training wise and farming wise those were some rlly good maps, too bad they nerfed them.
    But just in case id stock pots and get w.e u need from the ninja exchange before the patch just in case they hide those items behind a time wall or a long prequest wall or straight up delete them by mistake

    The alien content had a horribly written storyline and cramped everyone into maps with artificially inflated mob EXP, rendering mobs for 50 levels useless. Not only that, but GMS nerfed Galloperas a few months after Big Bang came out as they gave 2400 exp each (an understandable nerf), yet they then decided to release aliens at 3000 exp.

    And before you bring up LKC, you had to actually party and deal semi decent damage to get partied there.

    Personally I agree with chooz; ever since the original director behind Masteria left Nexon, the story could never be as good as it once was, including the blockbuster.
  • T-1337 Exchange Quests (New Leaf City)

    They disabled this a while ago, I think in the Masteria Through Time update. Now you have to do Professor Foxwit's quests instead.
  • "An Unknown Love" quest disappeared

    This quest was blocked/disabled in v204, meaning it can't be done anymore.
  • NPC Pancho Sanza in Momijigaoka using wrong coins

    I can provide some insight into this.

    For whatever reason, KMS created a new NPC for the updated coin shop (named Squire Pancho Sanza), whereas the old NPC is just named Pancho Sanza. They replaced all the Pancho Sanza NPCs with Squires, but since Momijigaoka is non-KMS, it seems that GMS missed the memo on that one. Why KMS couldn't just reuse the existing NPC ID instead, I don't know, but they love to bloat the game.