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  • New Leaf City limited buy able potions!

    Sorry to bump a massively dead topic but. I just tried purchasing hornsters from NLC after quitting MS for over a year - still it's sold out, what gives? :/ I thought this was supposed to restock. Seems awefully pointless having a sale limit on this in the first place...
  • Community Topic Regarding Suicide Kanna

    I couldn't care less about the bots that exploit auto-death, bots do a million and one other things that make them stand out like a house on fire. This form of detection is not worth the cost to gameplay. Why this game hasn't got a server sided captcha is beyond me, it would stop hackers in their tracks. They'd need something like an artificial intelligence to get around it. Furthermore if the reward for solving such a captcha was actually decent (say, a low chance tier up miracle cube if you got the captcha right) people would be alot more okay with receiving one.

    Although I somewhat sympthasize with the few who nobly say it's not 'what's meant to happen', I in fact believe this is a false statement. For starters Maplestory developers designed the kanna class for the very purpose of helping other players level and gain funds, particularly in reboot. It has had this purpose for over half a decade now and in my opinion nexon needs to make meso aquisition easier if they are going to change such a core mechanic to funding. Otherwise expect a mass exodus of players. Furthermore %Meso gear will essentially become useless should kannas be banned. Could you imagine spending the countless hours to get max meso% on a kanna so that you can invest in funding your other characters, only to have that kanna locked to farming highler level monster maps that do not actually give nearly as much funds as the lower level maps? In reboot you can't even transfer this gear to another character! We're talking months of hard work here down the drain.

    Tldr: My bottom line is If Nexon want's to change the mechanic (which is in fact the foundation of funding for most reboot players), then fine. But they better be prepared to follow it up with alternative new and novel way to get meso. And it better not have a darn limit cap, I'd prefer to have the option of spending 20 hours of grinding to get X, then 20 days of 1 hour grinding. That's a whole other can of worms but I believe this 'daily cap' mechanic is a thorn in player retention.

  • [NEXON LAUNCHER] Game will not download.

    So thought I'd finally start playing Maplestory again and have been hit with a number of setbacks which is honestly making me reconsider.

    Firstly there is no ability to download the game through the launcher during a maintanence, considering the game takes several hours to download it would be nice to have this option for returning players such as myself. Even if it's the previous version, at least the update wouldn't take long. I had to wait for maintanence to complete before I could even begin downloading... onto that.

    Secondly, and more importantly, I cannot actually download the game. Everytime I start the download it gets about 100 mb in before it returns with the following error message 'the product could not be installed'. (see image) The lack of error code, or any possibile solutions to my problems is vexing. I read somewhere that I need to remove any previous register of 'maplestory' on my PC, as this was a clean install of windows I found that doubtful, but nevertheless I searched the tag in my registry to no avail.

    Any support would be appreciated, though if I need to jump through too many hoops to get this to work I just won't bother.


    Kind regards,