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I would like to suggest a few things

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Hello everyone! These days ive been thinking about alot of things for this game that possibly would be awesome.!

Here is my list:
- 1) Make a guild map, only for guild members and alliance (Basically a real guild Headquarters)
- 2) Making a system that permit relog after a full DC during bosses (with limited time, i would recommend 5-10mins to log-back so you wont lose the entry day for mostly of bosses)
-3) Increasing the Reward points from bossing, i mean, the bosses is what everyone likes and since star planet is closing that would be an awesome way to keep people bossing.
-4) Improve new raid quests just like CWKPQ or Sharenian PQ, stages that you need to clear with help of ur friends, that would be an interesting way to revive this game.
-5) Music box or something that we could edit the list and play the music we want (that would be awesome XD )


  • LilyflowerLilyflower
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    I choose number 3 the best suggestion ever! 1 2 and 4 idk.
  • YonaxYonax
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    I like 1 with some modifications and well worked out idea, got some in mind for it and 3.

    For nr 2, make it so that the limit is based on the kill and not on the amount of times you enter the boss. Like with Root Abyss bosses, but for all bosses, so including pb, ra, zak etc.
  • gamechangergamechanger
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    I like all the suggestions. I wouldn't ever use the music box but I know other players would appreciate it.

  • KonariKonari
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    I'd also like to suggest maybe adding an NPC shop that sold class emblems (like how the Zero's temple shop sold emblems). I know it might not really be of use to some players, but there are cases where some people will accidentally drop their emblems from maybe misclicking or something. Also it would be nice if the quest for the Ghost Ship Badge was repeatable. I know some players have either accidentally dropped or boomed their badge, and that badge is the only badge (that I know of) that can be potted.
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    They totally could revamp GPQ, it's a cool PQ that at least should give better rewards than today, something that today is worth, like cubes, pot scrolls, epic scrolls, css... i guess people would do more GPQ(they could put a limit to the guild or just people), maybe change ergoth hp since it's so low for today's standards of damage.