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Certain Ring effect temporarily disables skill use

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edited January 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Functionality

Brief bug summary: When you move through portals, or otherwise change maps, it takes time for the effect to appear, and during this time you can not use any skills.

More details: This bug ranges from inconvenient (when traveling, can't use double-jump or teleport as soon as you enter a new map) to deadly (when entering the maps of bosses that don't wait to be summoned, such as Magnus or Pierre).

Steps to reproduce: Equip one of the following rings, then either go through a portal/change maps or change channels and attempt to use a skill. The result should be that skill use is temporarily disabled until the Fairy from Sylph Ring is summoned.

Affected Rings:
- Sylph Ring
- Angelic Blessing/Dark Angelic Blessing/White Angelic Blessing
- Lightning God Ring

More rings may be affected.

This has been suggested, but this is also a bug: