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Possible Fix for Event Hall

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edited January 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug Reporting Format

Bug type: Lag in Event hall

Brief bug summary: Higher level characters gradually receive more lag.

More details:
GM Tonyra told me to post a thread on the forums and the GM also forwarded our conversation to the development team. I was the reddit user that posted this thread on reddit about NPCs in the Event Hall ( https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/5l5x34/event_hall_lag/ ).

I noticed the NPC count was reduced but the lag still remained somewhat so after removing NPCs individually I found that Cassandra ID 9010010 caused the majority of lag. When this NPC was removed I had no issues with my framerate at all. This may tie into the reports of quests causing this lag and there being an issue with events.

You may have already read the forwarded messages from GM Tonyra and this may have been a part of this unscheduled maintenance, I don't know. Like I said, it's not a guarantee that this works because I am not able to test on every persons account that has a major issue with the Event Hall but I believe this is worth trying. Players can access Cassandras quests via the Star icon on the left side of their screen.

Steps to reproduce:
Enter Event Hall (preferably as a high level character)


  • MonavicMonavic
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    Same bug. It has been happening off and on for years so I have little hope they care to fix it.
  • GreyHatGreyHat
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    I believe this information is important enough to create a comment correcting myself in case the thread has already been read.

    After reading some posts, it appears removing Maple Administrator also helps reduce lag (at least on my end). ID 9010000

    Removing either NPC (not both but thats an option) gives me a solid 60FPS. Just toy around with NPCs that have been there for a while and see if any of them fix the lag.