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Item bags

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Over the years, Maple has come up with many chairs and other items. I myself am not really a chair collector, but over the years I managed to get some 200+ chairs...
What use is it when i have to divide all my chairs over 2-3 chars or even more?
Then we have stuff like herbs, plates, coins and other materials... when I want to use these I have to go through 3-4 mules to get the items...
Isn't it an idea that we create like 64 or even 128 slot bags for these things? And the possibility to have more bags at once?
I am also thinking of a scroll bag, since we have like 14-16 different chaos scrolls already for example....
I agree the expansion to 128 slots in our inventory did help a lot, but many of us have collected much more items than 128 slots...



  • ShakaAlekShakaAlek
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    Yeah, add to that that, excluding freebies in events, you have to pay to expand inventory slots (and yes, there are reward points, but i'd rather use them for cubes), allowing for a way to actually hold the stuff that the game allows you to get would be great.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    The easiest way to solve the chair problem is to allow more than one "type" of chair bag to be open at one time. Whoever decided that that should be a thing was... let's call him or her unwise.
  • TanyaTanya
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    Agreed! I would even be happy with 16 - 24 slot bags - now that we can be both mining and herbalist professions I find that my inventory fills up so fast and I never have any slots available in etc, even though I am only 20 slots away from maxing it out.