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Online but offline.

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I don't really know how to describe this bug. After approximately 30 minutes of logging on I no longer recieve any messages at all. As if I was offline, I know that my guild/alliance members are commenting constantly but they just don't show up on my maple client. Weird thing is, I'm not lagging or dcing at all and am able to talk to NPCs purchase and use items etc. I can't even see smegas. And before you decide to treat me like a baboon and ask me stupid questions like "You sure you don't have the chat closed? Or the options toggled off in the settings? Do you have the chat open?" Well this happened before todays maintenance aswell and I'm pretty sure that I will eventually dc from it I just don't know when exactly. All I can see in the all chat are maple tips where there should be messages about who got what in the premium surprise style box and smegas about how the server sucks. Maybe it's just me.

PS: I forgot to mention but whenever this happens I can't use the /find function, it stops working for me and I also can't create parties. My status is online and as mentioned earlier I can navigate to different maps use potions speak to NPCs and whatnot and it all seems to work, this has never happened before the patch on 1/2. It's really weird.