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Unresponsive, Need Help.

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edited February 2017 in Tech Support
When i open MapleStory everything loads normal, selecting world/char everything. But after i'm in the game it becomes unresponsive about 3-5s after... this has happened to me more than 30 times and it is always within a 3-5s time limit. Does anyone know a Fix? Any help would be appreciated.

World : Reboot
Name : SoulLessFaux
Time of : Between 1PM PST 2/4/17 through 12PM PST 2/5/17

P.S. - After i leave the game unresponsive for about 2min it auto kickes me to the Select World Screen with the Message *Unable ot connect to the game server*, To clarify, AFTER i log in i am able to open my inventory buy items attack and everything for about 3-5s then it just stops working... the game freezes and nothing works and the game is considered Unresponsive.