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Event starts and ended

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I still can't understand about how Nexon read the date for the event. For me, when it's said: 01/18 - 02/08 , it means the event is going on from 18th of Januari 00.00 AM (UTC since they use UTC) and ended in 8th February 11:59:59 PM UTC, not 7th Feb 11:59:59 PM. If it's ended at 7th of Feb 2017, then the event should be written: 01/18 - 02/07

So many players thought they still have 1 more day since the events say it's ended at 8th Feb 2017 (Bingo, firework, etc) . Many of us haven't spent the coins too


  • ShiroiluShiroilu
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    Yes, i was one of those. When i went to event hall Today to spend my coins The NPCS were gone.......